Phantom Stress

Brain Training To Master Relationship Stress

by Phillip Romero, MD with Joe Laplaca

Phantom Stress: Brain Training To Master Relationship Stress is a comprehensive guide that features Logosoma Brain Training, a method developed by the author to help patients—individuals, couples, and families—battle the ravages of chronic stress in their relationship with themselves, with each other, and with the world. Readers will learn that this method was created in the mid-1980s from Dr. Romero’s life research and work, along with over thirty years of studying human relationships in health, and the neurobiology of attachment and stress. This book also emphasizes the stresses that can disconnect people from the meaning of their lives and threaten their most precious asset – connection with their own bodies and with those they love.

"Modern neuroscience tells us that the brain is a dynamic and resilient organ. Dr. Romero presents an appealing strategy based upon current scientific information and his own extensive clinical experience for using this capacity for reslience to overcome the ravages of toxic stress." Bruce McEwen PhD. Alfred E. Mirsky Professor Head, Harold and Margaret Milliken HatchHead Laboratory of Neuroendocrinology The Rockefeller University--Author The End of Stress As We Know It.

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